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MAINTAINER Luboslav Pivarc <> MAINTAINER Luboslav Pivarc <>
# Copy the database schema to the /data directory
COPY files/run_db files/init_db /tmp/ COPY files/run_db files/init_db /tmp/
RUN chmod +x /tmp/run_db && chmod +x /tmp/init_db RUN chmod +x /tmp/run_db && chmod +x /tmp/init_db
#ADD /tmp/
#ADD /tmp/
ADD /tmp/ ADD /tmp/
ADD ./seed-cbioportal_hg19_v2.7.3.sql /tmp/ ADD /tmp/
# init_db will create the default # init_db will create the default
# database from epcis_schema.sql, then # database from epcis_schema.sql, then
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