Commit f9757879 authored by Dalibor Stuchlík's avatar Dalibor Stuchlík
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modified: Dockerfile

	renamed:    cgds.sql -> db/cgds.sql
	renamed:    seed-cbioportal_hg19_v2.11.0.sql.gz -> db/seed-cbioportal_hg19_v2.11.0.sql.gz
parent b76a8242
......@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@ COPY files/run_db files/init_db /tmp/
RUN chmod +x /tmp/run_db && chmod +x /tmp/init_db
ADD cgds.sql /tmp/
ADD seed-cbioportal_hg19_v2.11.0.sql.gz /tmp/
ADD ./db/cgds.sql /tmp/
ADD ./db/seed-cbioportal_hg19_v2.11.0.sql.gz /tmp/
#ADD /tmp/
#ADD /tmp/
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