Verified Commit c3d94b3b authored by Tomáš Sapák's avatar Tomáš Sapák
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fix docker version

parent a23adf9f
......@@ -11,4 +11,5 @@
repo: deb [arch=amd64] {{ansible_distribution_release}} stable
- name: Install Docker
apt: name=docker-ce
name: docker-ce=17.12.1~ce-0~debian
- hosts: slaves
gather_facts: False
remote_user: "debian"
become: "true"
- name: Install python for Ansible
raw: test -e /usr/bin/python || (test -e /usr/bin/apt && apt -y update && apt install -y python-minimal; test -e /usr/bin/yum && yum install -y python2 python-simplejson )
changed_when: False
- setup: # aka gather_facts
- name: Setup linux
hosts: slaves
remote_user: "debian"
become: "true"
- ssh-key
- vim
- base-system
- docker
- { role: vmware-tools, when: ansible_virtualization_type == "VMware" }
- upgrade-reboot
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