Version 21.12.2

January 19, 2021


ELK Docker Services

  • Updated tag of the Elasticsearch Docker image to 7.8.1 to avoid CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability.
  • Updated tag of the Logstash Docker image to 7.16.3 to avoid CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability.

Other services have not changed since 21.12.1

Known Issues

Pool selection for training instance

Situation: Editing of both adaptive and linear training instance with assigned pool causes pool unassign on save.


  1. Create a new training instance, fill out necessary fields and assign a pool.
  2. Save instance.
  3. Edit any title, start/end time, etc.
  4. Save instance.
  5. Assigned pool is now unassigned.

Solution: After editing and saving an existing training instance reassign desired pool and save again.

This issue will be resolved in the next release.