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chore(deps): update commitlint (major)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change Pending
conventional-changelog-conventionalcommits (source) devDependencies major 7.0.2 -> 8.0.0
inquirer (source) devDependencies major 9.2.20 -> 10.0.1 10.0.2


Some dependencies could not be looked up. Check the Dependency Dashboard for more information.

Release Notes

conventional-changelog/conventional-changelog (conventional-changelog-conventionalcommits)


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  • Node >= 18 is required
  • conventional-recommended-bump: new Bumper exported class (#​1218)
  • cleanup presets interface (#​1215)
  • conventional-changelog-writer: rewrite to TypeScript (#​1150)
  • Now all packages, except gulp-conventional-changelog, are ESM-only.
Bug Fixes
SBoudrias/Inquirer.js (inquirer)


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  • Re-implemented with Typescript.
  • Adding CJS support (now inquirer is publishes a dual-build CJS/ESM.)
  • All core prompts are now coming from @inquirer/prompt.
  • Custom prompts now should be implemented with @inquirer/core. Custom prompts built on inquirer@9.x.x will keep working, but should plan a migration.
  • inquirer.ui.BottomBar is deleted.

My expectation is that this release should be a drop-in replacement for people using inquirer.prompt() and built-ins 🤞🏻. Please open an issue on Github if you run into issues migrating; it's a large rewrite and there might be a few sharp edges to cut! Hope you'll like this new release.


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  • Fix issue with plugins relying on internal inquirer packages file structure.


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  • Fix risk of prototype injection.


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  • Replace chalk with picolors.
  • Drop many dependencies in favour of native functions when possible.

No impact expected, but it's a large changes in dependencies. Let us know if you run into any issues upgrading!


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  • editor prompt: Fixed compatibility issue between default and waitUserInput options. #​1405


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