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refactor(core): paging classes inheritance

David Flor requested to merge xflord/STR-1227/page_query_refactor into main


refactor(core): paging classes inheritance

  • introduced polymorphism in hopes if making future refactoring of paging logic easier
  • added parent class PageQuery to *PageQuery classes
  • added OrderColumn interface to *OrderColumn enums

How to test

Probably not needed since tests pass, but deploy on devel and play around with paginated tables just to be sure

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Other information

In the end this is just a slightly modified version of !4325. I decided not to move OrderColumn fields into PageQuery, since in order to deserialize this kind of polymorphism (OrderColumn interface field in an abstract parent class - that cannot be instantiated) via Jackson would require a custom deserializer and/or more complex annotation magic and the benefit of having the field extracted into PageQuery would not outweigh the introduced complexity.

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Closes STR-1227

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