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sync repo + add endpoint changes

Adrián Rošinec requested to merge esaco_new_endpoint into master

Esaco should not hide token introspection results claims

The current approach relies on a fixed model object, while ESACO should be flexible enough to allow the validation of required claims and expose any other claim returned by the upstream introspection endpoint.


  • Splitted TokenInfoController into TokenInfoController, TokenIntrospectController and TokenControllerUtils (to prevent duplicated code)

  • Re-arranged the logic on Services and Controllers in order to not disserialize the introspection response into a json object, yet simply pass it as json string to avoid restriction of parameters by the fixed model object (IamInstrospection)

  • Adapt the tests to run with the new logic

  • Jenkinsfile chenged

Co-authored-by: Marcelo Vilaca Pinheiro Soares

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