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feat(perun-propagate): reworked perun-propagate client package

Pavel Zlámal requested to merge zlamalp/propagate into main
  • Perun-propagate client service is now calling Perun API directly, instead of using remctl calls with Kerberos authz.

  • Users need to provide configuration in /etc/default/perun-propagate. Following options are available:

    # a script printing user's password on stdout
    #Timeout in seconds

    At least username and password needs to be configured. Of course those credentials must match to existing user in Perun, which must have proper rights to actually force service propagation.

  • Updated package major version to 4.

  • Updated dependencies.

  • Updated year in license.

  • Deploy own systemd unit to handle the service.

  • Specify shell /bin/sh in deb postfile.

  • Updated RPM build.

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