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fix(deps): update dependency org.xhtmlrenderer:flying-saucer-pdf to v9.4.0

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
org.xhtmlrenderer:flying-saucer-pdf (source) compile minor 9.3.1 -> 9.4.0


Some dependencies could not be looked up. Check the Dependency Dashboard for more information.

Release Notes

flyingsaucerproject/flyingsaucer (org.xhtmlrenderer:flying-saucer-pdf)


Compare Source

  • replace iText 2.x by OpenPDF (#​245) -- thanks to Andreas Rosdal for the initiative
  • Added page size B5 (#​246) -- thanks to Mikhail Voronin
  • add few overloaded constructors to ITextRenderer (#​247)


Compare Source

  • #​216 implement loading resources from classpath (#​241)
  • add nullability annotations (#​238) (#​240)
  • refactoring: make fields final, rename fields, add nullability annotations etc. (#​214) (#​239)
  • refactor exception handling & closing I/O resources (#​243)
  • upgrade from JUnit 3/4 to JUnit 5 (#​244)
  • Bump openpdf from 1.3.30 to 1.3.35
  • Bump slf4j from 2.0.9 to 2.0.10
  • Bump log4j from 2.20.0 to 2.22.1
  • Bump bouncycastle from 1.76 to 1.77


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