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feat(openapi): described methods for getting and updating a form item

Martin Kuba requested to merge makub/update_form_items into main


Two operations getFormItemById and updateFormItemTexts that existed in the RPC API, but were not described in the OpenAPI document, were added to the OpenAPI document.

The return type of the java method getFormItemById() in RegistrarManagerMethod class was corrected in the documentation from void to ApplicationFormItem.

A new command updateApplicationFormItem using these two operations was added to Python CLI implementation.

How to test

In the folder perun/perun-cli-python run the following commands:

./ updateApplicationFormItem --form_item_id 22418 -en 'Masaryk University' -cs 'Masarykova Univerzita' -en 'Charles University' -cs 'Univerzita Karlova'

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