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chore(deps): update dependency docker to v7

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
docker (changelog) major ~=6.0 -> ~=7.1

Release Notes

docker/docker-py (docker)


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Upgrade Notes

  • Bumped minimum engine API version to 1.24
  • Bumped default engine API version to 1.44 (Moby 25.0)


  • Fixed issue with tag parsing when the registry address includes ports that resulted in invalid tag format errors
  • Fixed issue preventing creating new configs (ConfigCollection), which failed with a KeyError due to the name field
  • Fixed an issue due to an update in the requests package breaking docker-py by applying the suggested fix


  • Documentation improvements
  • Updated Ruff (linter) and fixed minor linting issues
  • Packaging/CI updates
  • Updated tests
    • Stopped checking for deprecated container and image related fields (Container and ContainerConfig)
    • Updated tests that check NetworkSettings.Networks.<network>.Aliases due to engine changes

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:


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Upgrade Notes (from 6.x)

  • Removed SSL version (ssl_version) and explicit hostname check (assert_hostname) options (#​3185)
    • assert_hostname has not been used since Python 3.6 and was removed in 3.12
    • Python 3.7+ supports TLSv1.3 by default
  • Websocket support is no longer included by default (#​3123)
    • Use pip install docker[websockets] to include websocket-client dependency
    • By default, docker-py hijacks the TCP connection and does not use Websockets
    • Websocket client is only required to use attach_socket(container, ws=True)
  • Python 3.7 no longer supported (reached end-of-life June 2023) (#​3187)


  • Python 3.12 support (#​3185)
  • Full networking_config support for containers.create() (#​3121)
    • Replaces network_driver_opt (added in 6.1.0)
  • Add health() property to container that returns status (e.g. unhealthy) (#​3147)
  • Add pause option to container.commit() (#​3159)
  • Add support for bind mount propagation (e.g. rshared, private) (#​3164)
  • Add support for filters, keep_storage, and all in prune_builds() on API v1.39+ (#​3192)

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Consistently return docker.errors.NotFound on 404 responses (#​3156)
  • Validate tag format before push (#​3191)
Miscellaneous 🔧

What's Changed

New Contributors

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