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fix(gui): heuristics page fixes

Peter Bolha requested to merge xbolha/STR-1269/heuristics_page_fixes into main


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Other information

This commit addresses multiple issues listed in:

  • only the ID of the inspected person was showing on the heuristics page, the name was not being accessed properly due to the perun_user_name_attribute not being obtained and parsed properly
  • tables for auth logging data did not have unique constraints set in the SQLAlchemy script, allowing duplicates in the auth log records
  • MFA was being evaluated only for the upstream ACRs, local MFA checking was added, changes in simplesamlphp-module-perun were made to store this information and in proxyidp-gui to load and display this information
  • private addresses were always displayed as unknown, new config option was added to specify NAT segments that are aliased e.g. "VPN students" , now the aliases can be shown for IP addresses belonging to the configured segments
  • Web browsers/devices of the user agents were not being parsed properly due to reading the incorrect auth log table. Reading from the user_agent_raw_values instead of the user_agent_values feeds the user agent parser the correct input information and the values are parsed as expected
  • Last cities connected/Last IP addresses connected contained duplicates. Querying was modified to filter out distinct values for the last IP addresses/places

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