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Changed login and registration process

  • Added new models for Resource and Member

  • New attribute for voId in Group model

  • Added method getVoById for Perun LDAP and PErun RPC

  • Added methods getMemberByUser, and hasRegistrationForm to PerunRPC

  • Function getSpGroup require only one parameter($spEntityId)

  • Uses new model Resource

  • Changed logic for getting list of assigned groups for facility from Perun

  • Login process in PerunIdentity has been changed. Now we always check status of member in defaultVO(configuration option 'voShortName' in metadata/saml20-idp-hosted.php). If user is not member of this VO or status of the member is EXPIRED, user will be redirected to registration to this VO. User is redirected to the unauthorized page if the member has different status than VALID / EXPIRED.

  • Added new options for each facility. Facility manager is able to set if registration is allowed (if not, user is redirected to unauthorized access page instead of the registration page), set the registrationURL, enable/disable GroupMembershipCheck (if enabled, user must be a valid member in one of assigned groups to access the service), select the registration type (normal/dynamic; Normal type means redirect to registrationURL, Dynamic registration means ability to choose VO and Group for registration from assigned groups with registration form) 7eb4de6

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